Cat 2021 answer key

CAT 2021 answer key will be released in the first week of December. Candidates will be able to access the answer key with response sheet by logging into their CAT 2021 account.

CAT answer key 2021 will contains question-wise candidate’s response and official answer. In case a candidate is convinced that a particular official answer is incorrect, they can raise objection by filling an online application form. The objections will be examined by the CAT exam authority and if found valid, a revised answer key (CAT final answer key) will be released. The CAT 2021 result will be based on final CAT answer key. Read all about CAT 2021 answer key below.

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CAT 2021 Answer Key Release Date

CAT answer key will be released in the form of a response sheet on the official website. Check out important dates related to CAT answer key 2021 and raising objection:

CAT 2021 Events CAT 2021 Dates
CAT 2021 exam 28-Nov-2021
CAT 2021 answer key release First week of December, 2021
Process to raise objection begins First week of December, 2021
Process to raise objection ends Second week of December, 2021
Final CAT 2021 answer key and result declaration First week of January, 2022
CAT 2021 result First week of January, 2022

Unofficial CAT 2021 Answer Key Out

Check below some memory-based questions asked in CAT 2021 exam and their correct answers:

Quantitative Aptitude

Question: X buys a certain number of pens at a cost price of Rs. 8 each. X hired a person for selling of pens. 100 pens are sold at a price of Rs.12 each and the rest at Rs.11, X earns a profit of 300. If the rest of the pens are sold at Rs. 9, the loss incurred is Rs.300. Find the wages of the person hired.

Answer: Rs. 1,000

Question: Three persons A, B, and C invest in a business. A’s investment is 70%. His share of profit decreases by Rs.420 if overall profit goes down from 18% to 15%. C’s profit share increases by 80 and if overall profit goes up from 15% to 17%. Find B’s investment.

  • A) 2200
  • B) 1800
  • C) 2400
  • D) 2000

Answer:  D

Question: How many integral values are there of | n-60 | < | n-100 | < | n-20 |?

Answer: 19

Question: Three numbers x, y and z are in A.P. Given that y-x > 2 & xyz = 5(x + y + z) then the value of z-x is:

  • A) 14
  • B) 8
  • C) 12
  • D) 10

Answer:  A

Question: From a container having M 9 liters are taken out and replaced with water. The same process is repeated once again. Given M: water is 16 9. Find the capacity of the container.
Answer: 45.

Question: A Regular hexagon ABCDEF has a side of 2cm. T is the midpoint of CD. Find the length of AT? Answer: AT= √13 cm

Answer: In a right angle triangle ABC with angle B given as 90°, a circle of radius 4 is inscribed in the triangle. If BC = 10, then find the area of the triangle?

Answer: 120 square units

Question: If log₂ [ 3 + log3 { 4 + log4 ( x – 1 ) } ] – 2 = 0. Find 4x.
Answer: 5.

Question: A regular hexagon of side 2 cm has the same area as of an equilateral triangle. Find the length of the side of the Equilateral Triangle?

Answer: 2√6 cm

How to Download CAT Answer Key 2021 ?

CAT 2021 candidates can check their CAT answer keys to assess their performance and anticipate final scores by using their CAT login ID and password. To download CAT answer key or response sheet 2021, candidates need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Visit the official website of CAT 2021 (
  • Click on the ‘login’ tab
  • Enter CAT login ID and password
  • CAT 2021 answer key will appear on the screen

Candidates are advised to take a printout of the CAT answer key or CAT response sheet for future reference.

A snapshot of CAT answer key:

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